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I found the group of drawings I sketched last year for Gundam 00! I'm so thankful. I thought they had been lost or my psycho ex-roommate would have stolen them the night she went crazy and left me. You know, just to hurt me. She'll do just about anything to hurt me and taking my precious things definitely hurts. First she stole my birds (which are my children) and two of my dolls were demanded and I was threatened with legal action if I didn't give them to her (even if I owned them. Yes, she is a complete psychopath). But my drawings are safe, and I actually almost started crying with relief. I was so happy. I can't even express. I can't believe it.
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 My deepest wish is to find someone who loves writing as much as I do that roleplays as Lockon Stratos.

Also, I know I should really visit my old, dead blog and backlog all the most precious stories on file but my anxiety gets just a little too real when I think about it...
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I'm impressed to say that my writing muse is pretty active and has been active recently. I don't know what's changed, but I feel a little better about life. I have a path I want my career to go down and a ballsy move on my part seems to have paid off. I'm glad for that. I feel like I'm being tested in life a lot lately but I suppose it will all be for the greater good later on. And besides, I'm not depressed and that's a plus. It's been a long time since I haven't felt like complete shit. It's uplifting. Let's see how long it lasts...

I have about half of my Spring entry for my Four Seasons series completed. Hopefully I'll get it out soon. It will definately be completed before the end of the spring season. last season's entry was Regene and Lyle centric. this one will focus on Neil and Tieria and Neil's slow but steady recovery from the trauma of his near-death experience and his reintroduction into the world that used to be his home. Tieria and he have a lot to catch up on but they have a second chance to make up for the mistakes of the past.


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