Mar. 18th, 2017

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I'm actually surprised I have never made an account here. I was a longtime LJ user back in the day but never had I considered Dreamwidth until it was recently suggested to me. Sounded like a good idea at the time tbh. Far better than any other suggestions I've gotten from Reddit users, rather. RP Nation? Yeah right. Fuck right off with that. But in any case, it was suggested to me that I try many different venues in order to find a group interested in writing Gundam threads, especially 00. It's been a journey of trials and multiple disappointments and I'm not at all convinced this place will give me what I'm looking for, or just leave me cold as all the rest have.

Well, whatever. At least I still have my gunpla and my fictions to write. Hahaha I'm so alone.
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 You know, I've had off and on depressive instances for a long time and recently they have been getting so much worse. I've nearly cried at work once or twice. I've given up on so much, especially my friends. When I need them the most they abandon me. When I need someone to help me I'm thrown away. I really do just want to stop existing. I hate moments like this where I cant stop crying. I wish I had never been born. I should have been aborted.


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